About Me

I started designing when I was young and still living at home.  I painted my bedroom over-sized, sliding closet doors black with large flowers, to my parents surprise.  Since then I have continued to create fresh new ideas and not the least bit scared of some serious “Bling”.  I wanted to establish a place for everyone to find affordable statement pieces, unique designs that you could add to your wardrobe knowing that there will be no one else wearing them.  The biggest compliment would be someone asking you, “Where did you get those?”

If your looking to discover unusual and unique pieces, then Designsbyjalex Originals is the place for you.  This site has an impressive line of Jewelry, Totes and Bags, Hand-Crafted Wearable Art and Photographic Art, just to name a few.

My promise to you is to continually create beautiful and fun pieces for your enjoyment.


 Signature Design Trait:  I wanted to create & introduce new pieces to everyone, that when wearing them, people will say, “Where did you get that!”  Always changing, Always creating . . .


Philosophy:  I love to make beautiful and unique pieces at affordable luxury.  Priced to enhance ones wardrobe. Sending a message with every piece of work that’s created, that until the piece is right, its not done. It’s in the smallest detail . . .


Passionate:  I’m about creating pieces that stand out from the crowd.  Unique one-of-a-kind designs that you alone own and no one else has.  I never take creativity for granted, my mind is always switched “ON” searching for the next great design ideas.  A Designer’s work is never done. . . .


Janice Alex


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